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COMPAREX Global Managed Services (GMS) is a division of the COMPAREX Group. GMS is responsible for building global products and services that help enable and simplify your business, from software procurement and management to Cloud optimization and monitoring. With over 30 years’ experience, our team and the GMS stack act as an extension of your own, offering expertise, guidance and technologies to provide transparency, cut costs and increase security and compliance. COMPAREX is by your side in a digital world.

More often than not, a move to Office 365 is seen as a simple migration to Exchange Online, but there’s so much more to it than that. From planning a seamless migration to ensuring total adoption, an Office 365 deployment takes serious planning. In order to get maximum return on your investment, you need to guarantee zero downtime, proper change management, ongoing training, optimal licensing, and an adoption plan built for success. You need to have insight into how Office 365 is (or isn’t!) working in your organization.

COMPAREX offers Unified Cloud Management to take the stress out of Office 365 implementation and management. We assist in the planning, enablement, management, optimization, and optional licensing of Office 365 for clients around the world. Our customizable packages include options for 24x7 support, change management, end user training, workload monitoring, and even full management of your Office 365 environment.

The IT Guide to Microsoft 365, the Universe and Everything

Check out the guide for everything you need to know about how to design and implement Office 365, get everyone on board and increase adoption, and lead and support your company’s digital transformation journey.

The Software Manager's Survival Guide

Software management is a game of survival of the fittest.
Learn how to obtain transparency in your software portfolio, identify opportunities to cut costs and increase security, and turn insights into action.

The truth is, you don’t know what you don’t know. Without transparency into your software portfolio, it’s impossible to manage costs or have a true grip on internal security.

Without truly understanding your software portfolio, you risk excess licenses, redundant, unused and unsupported software, shadow IT and costly audits.

COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform builds transparency by scanning all raw data, refining and enriching the collected data, and providing an in-depth dashboard for actionable insights. 

This new level of transparency allows your team to negotiate better contract terms, lower support and training costs and identify areas of risk and opportunity.

After compiling and refining your software inventory, it’s critical to employ software asset management best practices to maintain compliance, security standards, and cost consolidation. However, software asset management is not a one-time or even annual effort – it needs to happen quickly and regularly in order to account for new software, employee turnover, mergers and acquisitions and contract management.

COMPAREX SAM2GO provides transparency on licensing compliance status for over 4,000 software vendors to enable customers to better forecast IT budgets, plan and negotiate contract renewals properly, secure compliance and manage vendor licensing audits successfully.

Microsoft Cloud technologies are not built for “set it and forget it.” Once deployed, there’s a wealth of information available to help you understand where you’re spending the most, which departments contribute to the highest consumption, which programs are being utilized and what areas there are for training or cost savings. All you need is a level of transparency.

COMPAREX Cloud Consumption Monitoring enables our customers to stay in control and easily manage complex Microsoft Cloud environments with easy to use dashboards. The COMPAREX Dashboard delivers transparency of consumption costs in relation to committed amounts and an overview of consumption per department, application or system for better budgeting, plus indicators for future consumption and spending and notifications to keep you updated about thresholds on predefined budgets.

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