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Planning an Office 365 Deployment: A Checklist

This checklist is designed to give you a high-level overview of each deployment step so you can map when to perform them and who will be responsible for each. It is important to understand that every organization has unique business needs, so this checklist may not be complete, or it may include more than you need. Either way, it’s a good way to get started.

Deployment TaskStartFinishOwner(s)Dependencies
Determine Deployment Goals
• Agree on scope and timeline
• Determine project management tool
• Develop success criteria
Inventory Your Current Environment (Discovery)
• Collect user account data
• Collect all mailbox info (including shared)
• Collect client version and configurations of business-critical applications
• Document details of network settings
• Document current file storage locations
• Capture intranet site data for migrating
• Document details on applications currently integrated with your existing systems
Make Key Deployment Decisions
• How will you create and/or sync accounts?
• How will user accounts be authenticated?
• Will you migrate any data and how?
• Will there be any integrations with on-premise systems?
• What devices will users be able to connect from?
• How will changes be communicated and who will handle training?
Fix Potential Deployment Blockers
• Clean up Active Directory accounts
• Get data ready for migration
• Prepare your network
• Update software versions
Configure Your Office 365 Subscription
• Verify the domains you want to use
• Configure application settings
• Prepare Directory Sync and/or Single Sign On (if needed)
Prepare Your Organization
• Prepare your team for the upcoming migration
• Test the deployment
• Communicate upcoming changes to end users
Roll Out
• Setup account and mailboxes
• Migrate DNS settings to point to Office 365
• Reconfigure client systems to connect to Office 365
• Setup training sessions for end users
• Monitor adoption and track success

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Home » The Big Bang » Preparing Your Office 365 Deployment » Planning an Office 365 Deployment: A Checklist
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