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Bundling in Security

When discussing the cloud, the matter of security is almost always the first concern to address. It’s understandable really – you’re just supposed to save your documents in some cloud-based file storage and hope nothing happens to them?

Well, yes, but with Microsoft’s ongoing dedication to company, document and user security, you certainly don’t have to worry about what happens to them.

One of their newest advances, Microsoft 365, makes it even easier to bundle security into your Office 365 experience with the inclusion of Enterprise Mobility + Security and Windows 10 Enterprise.



Microsoft Says: Protect Privileged Identities

With EMS, you gain oversight and control over all levels of user privilege. You can discover permanent administrators within your organization and use as-is, or enforce on-demand, just-in-time administrative access so that increased privileges are only available to certain users when needed.
The EMS Security Wizard simplifies converting permanent administrators to eligible administrators to make on-demand privileges easier to manage and enforce.
Audit reports and access reviews make it possible to determine who still needs administrative rights and EMS will alert you to idle roles so that you can reduce or eliminate unused privileges.

Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)


EMS is a powerful security tool as it’s actually made up of several solutions that help enable mobility and cloud for your organization. It includes:

  • Identity & Access Management – extend the uncompromised productivity benefits of Office 365 to your entire app portfolio with secure, seamless access for users from any device and any location.
  • Risk-based Conditional Access – enhance your control with user, location, application and risk level policies for global protection of your users, data and technology.
  • Mobile Device Management – define and enforce compliance with security policies, automatically deliver apps, set cut/copy/paste/save-as restrictions, jailbreak detection, PIN requirements, and remote-wipe protected data from any of your EMS-managed apps or devices.
  • Information Protection – allow users to confidently share files with persistent data protection, including automatic data classification based on sensitivity levels. IT and users can track shared files to monitor activity by authorized collaborators, revoke access if necessary, and revise classification.
  • Threat Protection – cutting-edge analytics, anomaly detection, and discovery tools help you anticipate, detect, and respond to vulnerabilities and threats, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Windows 10 Enterprise


Windows is no longer just an operating system. In addition to the productivity tools users have become accustomed to, Windows 10 offers identity protection, threat resistance, and information protection:

  • BitLocker – a data protection feature that integrates with the operating system and addresses the threats of data theft or exposure from lost, stolen, or inappropriately decommissioned computers.
  • Windows Information Protection – prevents unauthorized apps from accessing business data and users from leaking data via copy and paste protection.
  • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Analyticsenables you to detect, investigate, and respond to advanced attacks and data breaches.

Did you know?

87% of senior managers have admitted to leaking data to personal, unmanaged accounts.
Comparatively, a leaking toilet commonly leads to 21,600 gallons of lost water per month!

Windows 10 isn’t just about the built-in security. By bundling it with Office 365, it offers some amazing added benefits:

  • Universal Apps – now that apps are made for all devices, tying Windows 10 to Office 365 revs up the BYOD mission. Instead of plugging a bulky laptop into a docking station to connect to the rest of your hardware and network, a Windows 10 phone will do just the same. Plug in and gain access to your Windows 10 experience, now in a desktop mode on your monitor. Heading out for a meeting? Simply unplug and your work comes along. Give the users the flexibility they crave with Windows 10.
  • OneDrive – raise your hand if you’re tired of support tickets regarding lost documents. Yeah, that’s what we thought. With Windows 10, users can backup all of their data to OneDrive and sync it to their devices for instant access, no matter how or where they’re working.

With Office 365, you gain peace of mind knowing you have the best tools on the market (backed by Microsoft’s commitment to their “mobile first, cloud first” strategy) to help your company succeed and win the competitive edge.

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