T-Bot: Your End Users’ Best Friend

Change management: it can be challenging, frustrating, and even difficult at times to put yourself in the shoes of your end users. Convincing employees to change behaviors and adopt new technologies is oftentimes an uphill battle, and sometimes even requires dedicated resources to support the effort.

As someone in IT, at the forefront of introducing new technologies to the company, it’s likely that you’ve become familiar with the best change management tactics, like creating a strong network of champions and devising an ongoing training plan. (Or at least advising others on it.)

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With Microsoft’s newest application, Teams, they removed some of the burden of end user adoption management.  Those behind Microsoft Teams added a genius tool to help support end user adoption of the program: T-Bot. Think of T-Bot as your end users’ guide to Microsoft Teams. Also, your answer to the endless ad-hoc IMs or support tickets asking, “How do I…” or “This isn’t working, where can I find…”

I’ll give you a minute to rejoice.

How T-Bot can help your end users

Embedded in Teams, T-Bot is an artificial intelligence bot that has one-to-one conversations with a user, answering a wide range of questions in real time.

So, when that champion on their team is busy in a meeting and your IT ticket queue is out of control, the end user doesn’t have to wait for a response (or worse, give up and return to a previously-used application). They can just ask T-Bot.

Above: T-Bot responds to a user question instantaneously

Questions such as, “How do I add a new team member?” or phrases such as “file storage” bring back immediate responses with step-by-step instructions and links to additional resources.

Navigating to the Chat section in Teams, you’ll see T-Bot listed automatically. A user can right-click and “favorite” T-Bot so it’s quickly accessible within the Favorites section of their chat list.

Above: Right-click to “Favorite” T-Bot
Above: After “favoriting” T-Bot, it’s now accessible at the top of a user’s Chat list

What else does T-Bot do?

Beyond chat, T-Bot also contains helpful resources such as a list of FAQs, a library of training videos, a help section and even release notes (for those interested). T-Bot currently “understands” and responds in English, French, German and Spanish, with new languages on the development plan.

While you may never be able to truly escape the end user questions – nor should you completely try, since they can be a great mechanism for feedback – T-Bot in Microsoft Teams can help alleviate some of the support burden as users are adopting this new platform.

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