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Extend Your Resources for a Bigger Impact

By now we know that adoption is the name of the Office 365 game and training is the way you play.

However, creating and launching an adoption program is a significant commitment of resources that you may not have budgeted for when you considered moving to Office 365. There are also highly strategic projects your team should be focusing on, rather than spending time showing an employee how to navigate OneDrive for Business. Teaching a new technology to end users isn’t the core competency of your IT team – nor should it be.

Good news – there’s an experienced partner out there that can take care of all of the training activities and adoption strategies your company needs to be successful with Office 365.

“Outsourcing” often has a negative connotation in today’s world, and can make the most experienced IT team insecure. There’s no need to worry. A partner acts as an extension of your team, not as a replacement. (And if they tell you otherwise, you have the wrong partner!) There are many reasons to enlist outside support by partnering with dedicated training personnel to increase the impact of Office 365 on your business.

  • Your team is allowed to focus on much more strategic projects – where their skills lie and why you hired them
  • You can hold a separate team accountable for SLAs and deliverables
  • You’ll see a faster return on Office 365 and greater adoption of the applications since a dedicated training team is there to support your end users

Sustained commitment to an Office 365 adoption strategy isn’t easy

It requires involvement at every level of the organization, from executive sponsors to individual contributors. It also requires a thorough understanding of how each application can best serve your business departments and end users so that they quickly see the value and continue to adopt the programs.

An experienced partner will help you identify your future business vision, build an adoption plan, think strategically about application roll-out timelines, develop pilot groups, and communicate before, during and after each update. Look for a partner that understands your business, has the experience to back up their claims, and will work hand-in-hand to help you achieve your goals with Office 365.

Ready to get started?

Let’s go! Test drive our expert Office 365 adoption services for 30 days by clicking here. Or fill out the form below to learn more about how our partnership guarantees your success.


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Home » The Great Productivity Expansion » Outsourcing Doesn’t Have to be a Bad Word » Extend Your Resources for a Bigger Impact
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