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How to Create a Winning Champions Team

By now we know the importance of having an adoption strategy for Office 365, as well as the key role that training plays in its success. However, your team only has so much time to spend training others. That’s why it’s crucial to identify other members of your organization who can publicize Office 365 within your company.

How do you identify potential Champions?

Champions are internal influencers who support your Office 365 adoption mission by evangelizing it throughout your company.

  • They pilot applications before they’re released to the rest of the organization
  • They act as troubleshooting resources for their teams, fielding questions and assisting with minor issues as new employees become familiar with Office 365
  • They enthusiastically embrace Office 365 and promote its capabilities within their teams
  • They encourage behavioral change through leading by example, such as sharing a file with a colleague through OneDrive for Business rather than sending it through email

Did You Know?

The most decorated Olympic Champion in history is Michael Phelps, American swimmer, with 28 medals. However, Larisa Latynina, a former Soviet gymnast, still holds the record for the most individual event medals – 14 – that she won between 1956 and 1964.

How do you identify potential Champions?

Champions don’t need to have the highest technical acumen, but rather they should represent the diversity that exists throughout your whole organization. These people tend to be early adopters of technology and are curious by nature, comfortable with change and flexible with processes. Ideally, you’ll have at least one Champion in each department so the message of Office 365 persists throughout your company.

Being a Champion is an additional responsibility outside of their current job duties, so it’s important to find people who strive to take on more work while maintaining excellence in their current role. And those “soft skills” that everyone’s talking about these days – the ability to communicate effectively, welcome feedback, have high emotional intelligence – those are extremely important in a Champion, as their peers need to be comfortable coming to them for help. Champions act as coaches and foster positive messages within your organization about the improvements brought about by Office 365.

Make your Champions team a success

So you’ve found your Champions, now what? There are several ways you can ensure that your Champions team is poised for success and empowered to carry your message back to their respective business groups.

  • Have your Champions identify quick wins that they can implement with their teams to get employees excited about using Office 365. Think of it as internal promotion. For example, if one team has a weekly meeting where someone’s in charge of taking notes, have that person share their desktop during the call and present in “whiteboard mode” so everyone can participate.
  • Facilitate regular meetings of your Champions team, where they can discuss what’s working in their individual business units, as well as bring up gaps in training or resistance to Office 365 adoption that they may observe. To make sure these conversations are productive, set the expectation that everyone will contribute at least one win, tactic, or learning opportunity with the group.
  • Utilize Microsoft Teams for your Champions to help foster comradery and so they can easily communicate outside the scheduled meetings.

Grow adoption by spreading the word

Creating a Champions team not only alleviates some of the burden of day-to-day training from your team, but helps you publicize all of the productivity-enhancing capabilities of Office 365. A true sense of partnership will build when your IT team works hand in hand with Champions across your organization.

Ready to get started?

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Home » The Great Productivity Expansion » Taking a Varied Approach to Training » How to Create a Winning Champions Team
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