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How to Use This Guide


The IT Guide to Microsoft 365, the Universe and Everything is your one-stop shop for resources, pro tips and guidance from our experienced engineers who have migrated and managed millions of users on Microsoft technologies, and advised countless IT Admins from global enterprises to small firms.

In the books that make up the guide, you’ll find valuable resources to help you get to Microsoft 365, effectively execute your change management plan, ensure total end user adoption, and expand your digital transformation efforts.

Using the menu, navigate between the books and chapters as you continue your journey with Microsoft 365. The chapters within each book are designed to flow together to introduce and educate on options, and enable you to make decisions impacting your technology roadmap.

Any questions? Use the link below to contact us. With over 80 locations in 35 countries, we’ve got an expert nearby who can help.

Home » How to Use This Guide
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