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We were looking for a partner, an extension of the team, someone I can pick the phone up and talk to when needed and that is exactly what we got from COMPAREX.

Stephen C.

by using software portfolio management, according to Gartner


Simplify Your Software Management

Reduce Software Costs

Increase IT Security

Optimize Operating Costs

Obtain Transparency into IT

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Identification of suspicious and non-business software

Software identification, including numerous characteristics such as version, edition, language, and license type

Hardware and software inventory both in the client and in the server environment

Automated comparison of installed versions and patches with the latest market data

Classification and categorization of software (e.g. security and graphics)

With COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform

As part of your Proof of Value, we'll analyze up to 50% of your clients and servers. We'll present quick wins and opportunities for optimization based on our reporting.

Completely automated identification of over

vendors and


Consolidation of ‘suite installations’



Reduce software spend 
up to

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