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How to Use This Guide


The Software Manager’s Survival Guide is your one-stop shop for resources, pro tips and guidance from our experienced SAM consultants who have managed thousands of Software Asset Management projects, and advised countless companies on software licensing and optimization from global enterprises to small firms.

In the books that make up the guide, you’ll find valuable resources to help you start or improve (depending far along you are with your journey) your sustainable Software Portfolio Management in order to benefit from the cost savings, the enhancement of IT security and compliance, and the transparency you get for your software stock. In the end, all of the possibilities given by a professional Software Portfolio Management, will optimally prepare you to survive and thrive in the digital world.

Using the menu, navigate between the books and chapters as you continue your journey with Software Portfolio Management. The chapters within each book are designed to flow together to introduce and educate on possibilities of software optimization, and enable you to make decisions impacting your software strategy.

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Home » About the Author » How to Use This Guide