Become a Software Management Hero

Success Stories from Your Peers

By now, you know what you need to do and you’re equipped with the skills to do so. It’s time to put what you know to the test and become a true Software Management Hero.

This book demonstrates success stories from your peers who have used this guide’s survival tips and proper software portfolio management to navigate chaotic software portfolios, escape the dangers of external threats and master digital challenges. Read on for a deeper look into each of their stories and learn how to optimize your software strategy and leverage the new world of digital transformation.

Chapter 1: Lost in a Digital World

Sending Up a Survival Signal

Chapter 2: Out of the Dangers of the Wilderness

Reduce Your Software Zoo

Chapter 3: Better Safe Than Sorry

Remove Counterstrike & Co. from Your Computers

Chapter 4: Your Survival Strategy

Think Beyond Software Asset Management

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