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Customer Story: Enhancing IT Security through Transparency on Software Down to the Last Detail

“Non of our customers using the COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform were attacked by WannaCry. The customers protected themselves with our service” says Winfried Metzger, Head of Presales and former Product Manager of COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform.

Do you also want to protect your company from cyber criminals and take every possible action to avoid attacks like “WannaCry”? COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform and the additional Software Portfolio Management Consulting Service of COMPAREX offer you a valuable overview of your software installs refined with all relevant information as well as the expert knowledge from the COMPAREX Consultants, which support you with identifying the security issues very quick.

A use case from one of our customers, which is one of Europe’s five leading electricity and gas providers, demonstrates how they use our service to enhance their IT security.

Initial Situation/Challenge

The spectrum of applications for software products almost mirrors the Group’s wide range of activities, from energy consulting, payroll accounting, and gas billing to service management right through to managing wind farms in the North Sea. The network of all of the services is connected with all kinds of software.

This raises the key question of operating efficiency: How long has software actually been in use? Where is it in use? And importantly: Why is it still in use? It is not easy to find clear answers to these questions when it comes to a IT landscape in this dimensions.

The company own IT service provider wants to gain a detailed overview of the software available in the entire network as simply as possible. On the one hand, this is in order to identify and eliminate unwanted or non-business software and on the other, to use the knowledge gained for more efficient software asset management.

Brief Project Description

Before the beginning of the test phase of the Portfolio Management Platform, COMPAREX organized a half-day workshop at the customer sight, in order to highlight the procedure, the expected results, and the associated added value for the company. Following that, the test environment, including the reporting tool, was implemented, also over just half a day. Around six weeks later and after a thorough examination of the results by the customer, it was possible to implement the Portfolio Management Platform for the entire productive environment.

After a final presentation that used real data from the customers infrastructure, the service from the Portfolio Management Platform was finally launched for a duration of three years. Requests for further services from the range of COMPAREX services poured in after just a few days as a result of the overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Customer Benefit

The COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform contains the functions of the individual software titles, providing the customer a direct overview of which of the software titles in use offer identical functions. This ensures that it is easy to decide what to replace in the company in the future. The key here is savings and enhanced IT security through standardization.

A concrete measure the customer introduced to avoid Shadow IT and the potentially resulting security risks, was an automated clean-up process for suspicious and unwanted software by using a weekly report of the Portfolio Management Platform and handing it over to their Deployment Tool. As soon as an affected computer logs into the company network the unwanted software is now automatically removed.

Pro Tip!

The same process does also work for keeping the patch levels up-to-date.

You can create a report where the Portfolio Management Platform looks for the newest patch version of a software product in the customer environment or in its own software catalog. Following a list is created with all software products with an older patch version, which can be given to the deployment tool to run the updates on them.

Example report from COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform about suspicious software to handle Shadow IT

Example report from COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform about currently installed patch version and the latest available patch version to keep the security level up-to-date.

Are You Ready to Handle the Security Threats of Your IT?

Our managed service for Software Portfolio Managemet provides you everything you need to enhance your IT security: a complete and up to date technical inventory, refined and enriched software information with added details such as functionalities or installed patch versions, and individual consulting services according your business needs.

Test now our managed service COMPAREX Portfolio Managment Platform and register for a 30 day trial. Fill out the form below to clarify any of your questions regarding our services.

Home » Become a Software Management Hero » Better Safe Than Sorry: » Customer Story: Enhancing IT Security through Transparency on Software Down to the Last Detail
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