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Self-Service or Managed Service: How to Master Your Digital Challenges

You want to optimize your software environment so you’ve decided to implement portfolio management. Great! The next big question: Can we handle this task ourselves or should we work with a partner?

The short answer: It depends. Let’s take a look what needs to be considered before deciding on one of the options.

Choice #1: Find the Right Tool for Software Portfolio Management

First, you need to look at the tool that provides the information for data analysis. Common SAM tools and software inventory tools provide a broad database, but usually serve a different purpose. Because of this, they’re often missing the core information for software portfolio analysis, such as the detailed information about the functionalities of a software, as well as the possibility for a vendor-wide comparison of software products for consolidation. A tool that specializes in software portfolio management has this information built in and is automatically ready for further analysis.

Now you ask: Why do I need a managed service if I have a tool?

If the tool comes with a managed service, you can be sure that the database is always up-to-date and reflects current software versions, their capabilities, and other useful information. Since lots of important information, such as the software functionalities, can’t be automatically gleaned during the inventory process, this information must be manually researched and maintained.

Imagine that an average, mid-sized company has over 1,000 software products from around 300 vendors and it’s your job to gather the data for the software portfolio analysis. It would take months to create a reasonable database for just one vendor, and in the meantime, new software versions with modified functionalities may have been released.

By doing this work on you own, you can never guarantee an up-to-date database. This makes it nearly impossible to provide accurate analysis, or a vendor-wide comparison of software products. Not to mention, impactful software consolidation is a long way off.

A managed service that provides the necessary information and keeps it up to date makes perfect sense in this respect. It enables you to take a look at your software landscape right after the introduction of your software portfolio management solution and to carry out initial optimization analyses.

Choice #2: Software Portfolio Analysis as Self-Service or Managed Service?

Before being able to decide whether to keep this job in-house or join with a partner, let’s take a look at the responsibilities of a Software Portfolio Manager. It’s a very specialized one – different than a license manager or other job roles within IT procurement or IT management.
A Software Portfolio Manager needs to have:

  • Commercial knowledge of software products, e.g. price structures, license agreements
  • Comprehensive technical knowledge of IT infrastructures as well as software categories and functionality
  • An understanding of security aspects regarding software deployment
  • Knowledge about IT procurement and management processes
  • Experience with software portfolio analysis and methods of software consolidation

Some companies do have this expertise in-house, whether in the form of a single employee or maybe many of your team each know some parts. The art is now to bundle this knowledge to build a long-term and successful software portfolio management. However, how many of your employees have free time to focus on this new topic?

Additionally, software portfolio data analysis and evaluating optimization measures and business cases requires expert knowledge. A specialized service partner can help you identify and implement initial optimization measures on short notice. In summary, the benefits of of a Managed Service for software portfolio management include:

  • Up to date information base for data analysis
  • Bundled expert knowledge to create fast results
  • Sound optimization suggestions and business cases
  • Expert support in software consolidation and implementation of further optimization measures
  • No additional burden for you and your employees

With software portfolio management, you can consolidate your software landscape and reduce the complexity that is constantly increasing by digitization. This makes it easier for you to make the right decisions about software purchases, replacements or removals, therefore successfully managing the software strategy.

Looking for an Experienced Partner for Software Portfolio Management?

Don’t miss out on the great benefits for your business through ongoing software portfolio management because you think you don’t have the resources. Our managed service for Software Portfolio Management quickly pays for itself by drastically reducing your software costs, improving your IT security and enabling transparency across your entire software landscape.

Get to know our service in a 30 day trial and see the initial optimization potential of your software environment.


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