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Get to Know COMPAREX’s Portfolio Management Platform

The following use case shows how COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform and our consultants support our customer’s digital transformation. It also explains how the software information provided within our service supports additional IT projects. Our customer is one of the world’s fastest-growing companies in its sector and employs over 700 people directly, while securing around 25,000 jobs in total.

Initial Situation

When Microsoft announced that the customer would be audited, he contacted COMPAREX to start a Software Asset Management (SAM) project in order to create a license balance. As part of our initial discussions, we suggested the customer to use SAM2GO* with included Portfolio Management Platform. From the customer’s point of view, this was a good idea, because they didn´t have a license management tool or other software transparency solutions in place. As a result of the Pre-Sales advisory, they decided to make use of the full package to not only be prepared for future audits, but to get a higher level of transparency of all installed software products across all vendors on a daily updated status.

*SAM2GO is a Managed Service of COMPAREX for Software Asset Management. The service provides customized transparency and professional advice for license management and software compliance.

Customer Statement

We are really excited about the service and, last but not least, about the support during the entire project – from the SAM project to the communication up to the introduction of the Portfolio Management Platform itself. Above all, we are convinced of the combination of license balance sheet, inventory and details on software and asset-data as well as the transparency the solution offers.

Brief Description of Projects Conducted with Portfolio Management Platform

As part of the SAM2GO service onboarding, Portfolio Management Platform was implemented. After a brief live presentation to different roles across the customer’s IT, they saw many values for current and upcoming IT projects. To make it short, now the service is in use across different IT projects beyond license management. For instance:

  • Change of Operating System to Windows 10
    A major change was made in both hardware and software, so it was very important to know which software the end users use, what versions and patch levels they had, and what had to be supplied again. The Portfolio Management Platform helped to provide the needed overview in a very short timeframe (“just one click away”) with very little effort.
  • White- and Blacklisting
    The Portfolio Management Platform became extremely important for the customer’s IT security as it helps create white- and blacklists and identifying unwanted software.
  • Support Software Lifecycle Management
    The service helps prepare for Software as a Service usage, Change Management (transparency of available patch updates, end-of-support dates in the future and release upgrades) and generally for every project involving the procurement or modification of software.

Customer Benefit

“The greatest benefit is the knowledge about what software we and the users use. This allows us to move from responding to user requirements to a strategic planning, consulting and lifecycle support. Moreover, it also increases security by early recognition of critical software and leads to cost savings in software operation and purchasing.”

The Portfolio Management Platform is now used by many different departments as a single source of transparency in the customers’ company, from license and security management to IT application support (i.e. lifecycle management and IT management).

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Home » Become a Software Management Hero » Your Survival Strategy: » Get to Know COMPAREX’s Portfolio Management Platform
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