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Master the Digital Transformation with a Robust Software Strategy

When we talk about digital transformation, most people first think about the technical changes that go along with it, or about the business opportunities that it may bring. Rarely does anyone remember that technical change also has an impact on employees, especially for those working in software procurement, IT and security management, as well as in support, as they experience the changes first-hand.

It’s almost impossible to avoid the increasing complexity of IT as companies enter the digital world. It’s become more difficult for software managers to handle their ongoing tasks successfully while coping with new challenges, all the while it’s getting harder to keep track of IT and to achieve their business and personal goals.

The key to increase the value of digitalization for the different job roles, while minimizing the risks associated with increasing complexity, is to follow a consistent software strategy.

Survival Tip

Survival skills are important but having the will to survive is essential. It takes much more than to know how to build shelters, get food, make fires, or navigate without any devices to survive in the wilderness. A key ingredient in any survival situation is the mental attitude.

Think Beyond Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management (SAM) has already been established in many companies in recent years. Initially, the primary purpose of SAM was to ensure software compliance. Over time, license managers discovered the possibilities to optimize software costs. But, with the new challenges of the digital world, new management approaches are needed that allow more insight into the technical details of software products. The requirements for these insights are provided by our managed service for Software Portfolio Management.

Read here about the specific opportunities and challenges an IT manager faces within digital transformation and how we can help you to seize the opportunities and master the challenges with COMPAREX Software Portfolio Management.

Chances and Challenges of the Cloud

Digital transformation involves the relocation and networking of IT infrastructures, applications and data from local systems to the cloud. Advantages of digital transformation include easier collaboration for international teams, guaranteed availability of enterprise data, outsourced maintenance processes, and the shift away from capital expenditures (CAPEX) to operational-driven expenditures (OPEX).

However, IT managers face many questions, such as:

  • How can I best prepare for my move to the cloud?
  • When the cloud migration is finished, how do I keep track of the software landscape given the complex cloud environments?
  • Am I using my IT budget efficiently in terms of which software was procured and which is actually used?
  • How can I handle the risks posed by the cloud’s technical capabilities? (e.g. the increasing amount of shadow IT caused by simpler procurement and usage of cloud applications by end users)
  • How do I protect my corporate data from increasingly-frequent attacks by cybercriminals, e.g. through ransomware?

Preparation is Everything Before You Start the Digital Journey

Before you move your IT to the cloud, you should take a close look at your current software inventory. In doing so, you should analyze which software is actually used by the employees, if there are various software products with the same functionalities, and then consolidate your software environment according to requirements and costs. Every software product means additional effort and costs for every business unit within the software lifecycle – procurement, administration, management and support.

If you transfer all of the “legacy” software inventory to the cloud 1:1 and add additional cloud applications, you may negate the cost benefits offered by the cloud and your software costs could even increase.

With our software portfolio management service, we analyze and identify software with overlapping functions in your IT environment and work with you on different consolidation approaches. The consolidated software inventory and the detailed software information that you receive with our transparency service, the COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform, create the optimal foundation for the step into the cloud.

This enables you to procure the right cloud services with the required range of functions and to leverage the cost advantages of the cloud for your organization.

Stay Efficient and Secure in the Cloud

Even after you’ve moved to the cloud and your employees are working within it, it’s still important to keep track of installed and used software. Any unmanaged or unused software can cause unnecessary costs or even risks for IT security and compliance.
Complex cloud environments make it harder to verify whether, for example, a patch roll-out was successful, or if unapproved software and products that are no longer supported by the vendor are on the network.

These risks can create serious security issues in your corporate network that hackers use to attack. Likewise, illegally-installed applications can lead to underlicensing, and thus, legal consequences.

Our managed service COMPAREX Software Portfolio Management helps you identify and quickly resolve security vulnerabilities through unapproved, unsupported software or out-of-date patches. In addition, you have an up-to-date overview of unused and overlapping software to support an efficient use of your budget.

Prepare for Future Challenges

The IT sector is changing faster than any other. And as an IT employee, you are constantly required to keep up with its progress and to find new solutions for increasingly complex tasks. Without the right tools, day-to-day life is going to be a veritable struggle for survival to ensure the availability and security of IT.

With COMPAREX Software Portfolio Management, we partner with you on your digital journey and provide you with the information, business cases and recommended actions that give you the transparency and foundation for making the right decisions for your software strategy.

Do You Want to Start the Survival Strategy for Your IT?

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Home » Become a Software Management Hero » Your Survival Strategy: » Master the Digital Transformation with a Robust Software Strategy
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