How to Save the Company

Recognizing Risks and Finding Cost Savings

So you’ve packed your survival kit and are ready to face the dangers of the wilderness! Before you start running to find your way out of there, you should first recognize the dangers and opportunities and then select the right survival tactics.

In this book, we’ll show you what treasures and threats are hidden in your software portfolio, how to track them, and then the right steps to take to bring your company out of the danger zone. This trusty guide will show you how to quickly identify and take advantage of potentials for cost optimization and eliminate sources of risk for your IT environment at an early stage.

Let our experts guide you through the software wilderness!

Chapter 1: Saving Instructions

How to Manage Your Software Inventory

Chapter 2: Carry Only What You Need

Cut Your Software Spending Drastically 

Chapter 3: Know the Hidden Dangers

Detect Security Risks in Your Software

Chapter 4: Survival of the Fittest

Software Portfolio Management

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