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Three Ingenious Ways to Cut Your Software Spending Drastically

In times of scarce resources, companies should get a better overview of their software for many reasons. With a better overview, it is easy to classify your software by functions, allowing you to track redundancies, outdated versions, and unused programs. This enables you to save on maintenance and internal support costs, and reduces the administrative burden of managing your software.

Another possibility is to group according to vendors. Experience shows that most organizations have many more vendors than they actually think. If you bundle software by vendor, you can negotiate more favorable purchasing conditions. In three simple and effective ways, you will quickly see success in lowering your software spending.

Let’s take a look at the three ingenious ways to cut your software spending.

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Tip 1: Consolidate Your Software Portfolio

Reduce the number of different software products that perform the same function to a minimum. A classic example is software for editing PDFs. There are dozens of vendors that all perform more or less the same tasks. But if, instead of having many different vendors with this ability in your software portfolio, you consolidate to just one, you will gain leverage to negotiate better volume discounts with them for future software purchases.

Tip 2: Unify Software Versions

The more versions of software you have in your organization, the more effort it takes to support. Adobe is a great example. Many companies have different versions of Acrobat Professional, Acrobat Standard and Photoshop. If an operating system is updated, the different versions of these programs have different requirements and need individual support. It will be much easier and less time-consuming to manage your installed software if everyone has the same version.

Tip 3: Recycle Unused Licenses

Oftentimes, employees have software programs installed that they don’t use, such as MindManager, Project or Visio. Besides paying for that unnecessary licensing, software that isn’t being used is also often forgotten. So if a new member of staff joins the team, new software is often purchased without checking if there is already a license not being used. To make matters even worse, the new software may also include Software Assurance or another subscription. So by detecting unused software and recycling it to other employees, you create additional ways to save money.

What is Software Assurance?

Software Assurance (SA) is a maintenance and support contract that provides technical support and free upgrades to the latest version of the product. The main advantage, however, is numerous supplementary, so-called, Software Assurance Benefits.

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Home » How to Save the Company » Carry Only What You Need: » Three Ingenious Ways to Cut Your Software Spending Drastically
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