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How to Deal with Current Security Threats

Cyber threats today are coming from all around the globe and attacks are becoming more sophisticated. The more you can anticipate them, the better you can prepare. Here´s what we think how you should protect against cyber attacks. Learn some “Bushcrafts” for the survival in a dangerous IT world.

The Top 5 Bushcrafts how to Protect Against Ransomeware

Ransomware encrypts important documents and files on infected computers and then the perpetrators demand a ransom (usually in Bitcoin) for the digital key needed to unlock the files. It is so big, because it makes a lot of money for the criminals. Ransomware is so lucrative that Malwarebytes estimates that 60% of all malware observed in 2016, was ransomware.

Follow these simple rules to make sure your IT environment is well prepared in case of a cyber attack:

  1. Make sure, that each system has an updated security profile that is constantly reviewed.
  2. Patch all systems to the latest security levels. Make sure that you have installed the latest bug fixes. Software is not perfect. There is a constant battle to close loopholes in existing software. In the case of Petya, Microsoft released a patch in March 2017 that would have prevented the infection. All the exploits that you hear are systems that were not patched in time.
  3. Identify software products which are out of support by the vendor. Hackers prefer to attack software which isn´t supported any longer, because security lacks won´t be closed immediately.
  4. Backups, backups and backups. Back up data. And make sure that you test the restore capabilities of your systems.
  5. Ensure security awareness training within your business. You are only as good as your weakest link. Every user is a weak link. Teach your users to “Think before you click”. Users remain the weak link in many organizations. Security awareness training is a necessity, not a luxury.

Survival Tip

Never drink water from streams, rivers or lakes without making it germ-free. Boil it before you drink it. Rain, snow, and dew are reliable sources of clean water which don’t need to be purified.

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Home » How to Save the Company » Know the Hidden Dangers: » How to Deal with Current Security Threats
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