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Understanding Where Security Risks Hide

Lately, we’ve been hearing about more and more ransomware attacks that shock the business world and leave many international corporations paralyzed.

One way that these cyber attacks work is by targeting devices that are running software versions with insufficient security patch updates.

Those IT security gaps caused by mismanaged software installations can become sources of risk, as they offer an entry point for possible cyber attacks. But insufficient security patch updates are not the only risk to your IT.

Other dangers include unidentified software products that are no longer supported by the vendor, as well as unauthorized installed software like portable apps and games.

It’s time to get a handle on these IT security threats and start saving the company!

Pro Tip

According to a 2017 study from Accenture the cost of cyber crime increased to US$17 million on average for organizations in industries like Financial Services, Utilities and Energy.

IT security gaps caused by mismanaged software installs

Unfortunately, many people as well as businesses still do not grasp the importance of securing their systems with regular updates. In addition, many don’t even know what software they are currently running and what patch level this software might currently be on. This spells a big risk.

It’s possible for a crypto-virus to cause complete encryption of tens of thousands of computers worldwide. These cyber attacks can be so devastating that many corporations are forced to temporary cease operations.

What is clear is that those global attacks underline the importance of keeping an up-to-date software inventory to minimize the risk of such a devastating violation of data.

Achieving transparency into outdated versions means that potential targets can be recognized and protected at an early stage. This is possible, for example, with extended support agreements, concrete planning of changes, workarounds or “quick fixes.”

Risks through games and portable apps

Our experience gained from many projects has shown that companies often have software that is no longer in line with their original business. An anti-malware system often doesn’t find or assess these are applications that as “alarming.” Games are often the most innocuous types.

Over time, we’ve discovered file-sharing applications, PlayStation downloaders, desktop sharing-capable online games, potential cracker tools,  (unofficial) portable apps, as well as classic Port80 communication applications.

Some of these applications are not only critical for the company to identify for security reasons, but also for compliance reasons: you have to remember that you are responsible towards the legislator and the vendor for the software that’s used in your company.

Identify the hidden IT security threats before reality catches up to you

Avoid the following IT security threats as well as penalty fees by:

  • Identifying those software products which are no longer supported by the vendor
  • Automatically analyzing the patch level you are on to make sure it’s the latest available
  • Locating and removing “unauthorized” installed software like portable apps and games

Are you ready to uncover the security gaps in your network?

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Home » How to Save the Company » Know the Hidden Dangers: » Understanding Where Security Risks Hide
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