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Eliminate Security Risks with Portfolio Mangement Platform

Interview with Florian Walling, COMPAREX Specialist for Digital Transformation

COMPAREX: Hi Florian, I understand that you are part of the COMPAREX Global Managed Services team. Can you explain how the Portfolio Management Platform helps businesses eliminate security threats and stay secure?

Florian: Sure! There are various solutions on the market to defend against many kinds of IT attacks, and many companies have already taken strides to protect their software. Let me explain how they’ve been doing this over the past few years.

They have created a standard software catalog, implemented security policies, and built firewalls to ensure protection from outside threats. While these solutions may appear to provide complete security, they actually may not be as effective as they seem.”

COMPAREX: So companies actually have a false sense of their own security levels?

Florian: Studies show that over 80% of attacks on corporate IT are due to outdated, obsolete or no longer supported software. According to experts, a Windows XP operating system can be hacked in just a few minutes and can then act as the starting point for company-wide attacks from the inside.

After completing numerous projects, we’ve found that lots of software that’s installed in a company does not even meet its own security policies. These applications may not seem alarming and may not be recognized by anti-malware programs.

Games installed by users are a common example of this type of problem. We’ve also discovered file sharing applications, downloaders, desktop sharing online games, potential cracking tools, or even classic so-called Port80 communications applications  – such as kitchen planners.

COMPAREX: So what does that mean to a company’s security levels?

Florian: Since this software isn’t managed by the IT department and can be installed by end users, it creates security risks. For example, ransomware can infect a device, encrypt its files and expand to other systems.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you have a complete overview of the software in the company at all times to ensure effective security processes in your organization. This helps prevent possible security gaps caused by unmanaged or unregulated software in your company.

Now, I’ll show you how to uncover these potential security gaps with the COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform. The COMPAREX Dashboard shows you how many software installations are in your company and provides you with lots of additional data.

In the following customer example, we see 36 different installations of iTunes on 356 devices.


Florian: On the following chart you can see how many outdated versions of Adobe Reader are in the system. And the available patch level version for this software.

COMPAREX: This information would make it so easy for us to keep everyone up to date.

Florian: On the next chart, you can see an overview of the systems that have the operating system Windows XP, which is end-of life, with the different editions, versions and patch levels.

COMPAREX: Let’s hope no one is this out of date!

Florian: In another report you can, for example, view the unapproved, installed games in the company.


Florian: Your weakest point is literally every point that is connected to the internet. In this era, it is important for every company – and every person – to do their fair share of vulnerability hygiene, in order to protect all of us.

My recommendations to ensure that every IT system is equipped with up-to-date security profile are:

  • To conduct training for all of your users to heighten awareness of IT security
  • Utilize COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform to help you eliminate your security risks by identifying unmanaged or unpatched software.
  • To get a proof of value, so we can show you how you can effectively manage your IT security.

Ready to Save the Company from Security Threats?

COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform analyzes a company’s software portfolio, and detects which software is installed on what devices and – most importantly – what patch levels these are currently running on compared to the latest available. In addition, the Portfolio Management Platform detects which software is out of support, like Windows XP.

This not only contributes to increasing IT security, it also helps consolidate your software portfolio, thus reducing costs.

All of the information about the current state of a company’s software is displayed on a clear dashboard. As soon as Portfolio Management Platform detects an update inconsistency, the fully automated service ensures that all systems can be sufficiently updated, using a so-called deployment tool.

Knowing which systems are vulnerable is a key insight into providing holistic security, and COMPAREX has the tools and the expertise to help.

Want to Know More?

Take the chance to get a 30 day trial of the COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform service! Our experts will show you how the COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform automatically:

• Detects potential security gaps through inconsistent updates
• Displays software that’s no longer supported
• Helps you to standardize and consolidate your software

Click here to sign up for the trial of our service now, or fill out the form below and we will contact you to answer any questions.

Home » How to Save the Company » Survival of the Fittest: » Eliminate Security Risks with Portfolio Mangement Platform
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