Rescue in Sight

Get the Tools and Know the Basics

Have you ever wondered how to survive in the wilderness? Tie a knot securely enough to support your full body weight? Decipher which berries are safe (and not safe) to eat?

In this book, we teach you these things and more. You’ll learn how to safely and successfully navigate the uncertain terrain of optimizing your software stock. This trusty guide will help you develop methods to identify risks hiding in your software, show you how to effectively gather data, and, more importantly, what to do with it once you have it. Let’s get started!

Chapter 1: Be Aware of Danger

Know the Risks Hiding in Your Software Stock

Chapter 2: Start the Rescue Mission

Gather Supplies

Chapter 3: Move in the Right Direction

Refine and Enrich Your Software Data

Chapter 4: Face Your Challenges

Visualize Your Installed Software

Chapter 5: Your Survival Kit

COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform

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